⚘ This project ran from January 1 to April 10, 2023.
Please check out Day 100 for Credits and Thank Yous.

100 days of making

Participants commit to a single topic to pursue for 100 consecutive days. The objectives of the exercise are to pursue a sustained creative practice and to produce a body of work on a theme. Participants inevitably improve their technical abilities over the course.

The Rules

Course Description

Iteration and its impact on your creative process is the theme of this class. The format of the course turns its head on the traditional class structure and instead of focusing on syllabus that builds to a final project, the course is focused on a daily, iterative practice. Students will identify a theme, idea or topic they would like to explore over the course of 100 days and must commit to making or producing a variation on that idea and posting social evidence of their work every day for 100 days. Projects can focus on building, writing, drawing, programming, photographing, designing, composing or any creative expression. In parallel to the making, in-class lectures will examine the work of artists whose work has been defined by iteration and discuss the role of discipline and routine in the creative process

100 days of webtoys

My goals are to practice code, to explore delightful interactions, and to have 100 tools to build full experiences with in the future. I've created "webtoys" of varying complexity before (1,2,3) but these experiments will all be sketches, often focusing on a single HTML element or CSS property.


Each day should aim fulfill a single criteria. Fulfilling multiple criteria in one day is exceptional. It is acceptable to have a day that does not fulfill any criteria because it's ok to make bad things.


  1. All UI will be from unicode symbols. I'll keep some of my favorites here. All fonts will be system fonts.
  2. All assets will be texture images that I've collected over the years.
  3. These are the only colors I can use:
  4. Libraries and reused code are allowed and encouraged.
  5. No optimizing for mobile unless something's very special.
  6. After 30 days iterating on previous days is allowed.
  7. After 50 days styling exercises (fonts, custom assets) are allowed. (This will still kind of be considered a cheat day.)