last updated: 451.2331.64C

You are currently operating a Capsule-14 escape pod. It is common to pass out and experience shock and temporary memory loss when launching an evacuating spacecraft. It is of the utmost importance to stay calm. Please look through the manual and your local star map to arrive at a rescue location as soon as possible.

Once all crewmates are awake, take stock of any personal items you have brought on board. Dispose of any dangerous materials in the lockbox behind panel 120. Useful items like safety equipment, additional rations and entertainment devices should be shared amongst all Capsule passengers.

last updated: 451.2331.64C

Capsule-14 has supplied energy to travel safely over 5AUs. Capsule-14 can absorb energy from Solar Energy stations throughout charted space.


On the craft there is oxygen and rations to support 4 adults for up to 45 cycles. The life support system is located behind panel 345.


This Capsule has a recommended rescue sector that was determined during the launch of the parent vessel. Use your local star map to chart a course to your recommended rescue sector.

::WARNING:: Star maps are not always up to date. Move slowly and INSPECT nearby sectors so your Capsule can load up-to-date landmark signal transmissions.
last updated: 451.2331.64C

In order to be safely rescued, you must stay calm.


The pilot seat has a full body scanner to assess the pilot’s physical health, heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Stay healthy by eating and sleeping as normal, and avoiding damage to the Capsule’s life support system.


Morale is of the utmost importance when awaiting rescue. Capsule-14 comes with several suggested exercises for the crew to practice. It is important to avoid dwelling on the past, negative self-talk, and generalized despondency.

last updated: 451.2331.64C

When you’ve arrived at your recommended rescue sector, or another location where rescue is likely*, launch a distress beacon.


Capsule-14 is supplied with 3 beacons that can be heard throughout the sector. Rescue vessels might not immediately respond to distress beacons, so expect to wait in the sector for up to 2 cycles. It is not recommended to launch a second beacon in the same sector.

*use your best judgment when working with outdated star system data